Tin is an element with atomic number 50 and symbol Sn. Tin mostly comes from the mineral cassiterite, where it occurs as tin dioxide, SnO2. The most commonly encountered tin is white ß-tin (a metallic form) which exists at room temperature. The other allotrope a-tin (nonmetallic form) exists at temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius while ?-tin and s-tin exist at temperatures above 161 degrees Celsius. Tin is useful in manufacturing float glass, where molten glass rests on top of molten tin in order to create a flat surface. Tin can develop an oxide layer when exposed to air-- usually a SnO2 with a layer of SnO below.

对于常见材料例如Sn, 它在632.8 纳米波长的折射率消光系数分别为2.384和4.727。 下面列出的材料包含完整的折射率和消光系数, 如果你需要的材料无法下载,你可以点击“索取”来索取我们专有的材料文件。

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