Polymer - n=1.89的折射率

Polyimides are a class of materials composed of imide monomers. The optical properties of polyimides vary widely depending on their composition and synthesis method. DuPont has developed several polyimides which they sell under the trade name Kapton. Many other companies sell polyimides. Due to the drastically different optical properties of various polimides, there are several different material data files, each of which is identified by the refractive index at 632 nm.

对于常见材料例如Polyimide - n=1.89, 它在632.8 纳米波长的折射率和消光系数分别为1.886和0.001。 下面列出的材料包含完整的折射率和消光系数, 如果你需要的材料无法下载,你可以点击“索取”来索取我们专有的材料文件。

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